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Enter the Film Genesis Get Produced Screenplay Contest today for a chance to win a production service budget of up to $10,000 to direct your screenplay and make it your industry calling card.

Enter your best unproduced screenplay to be considered for production. (If your film has already been produced, you may also submit it as a writing sample along with a detailed pitch for your next project. Please see the Film Genesis Awards competition for more information.)

If you have a produced script (of any length), a feature-length screenplay or film, a TV pilot, or other produced sample of your work, you may also enter the Short Film Awards Competition for a chance to get your next film or pilot funded.

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Why Independent Films

In the era of New Media and streaming services, there is no shortage of material. The main difference between an undiscovered but talented writer and a so-called Hollywood "pro" in the industry is experience. By seeking out the diamonds in the rough, we give new filmmakers the opportunity to gain experience creating their vision as a produced film to serve as your calling card across the industry as a creator.

Independent film has always been about new generations of writers, directors, and filmmakers demonstrating a new vision and perspective of the world around us through the medium of visual storytelling. While a strong script can sometimes advance your career as a writer, a completed film is always the better demonstration of your work as a produced writer and creator.

Enter the Get Produced Screenplay Contest today for your chance to win up to $10,000 in production services to bring your script to the screen.

Next Deadline Date Entry Fee
Late Deadline March 30 $59